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Q. Ave. MoA. Silent Hill: Arcade. Fast and the Furious 4. Starbucks. Orange Shuttle. _____ Monster. Magic Guy. Rod. :)

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gaming with melbs

Weee! Today Rod came over for a whole day of Silent Hill-Star Wars-Kungfu Panda-MK vs DC-Left4Dead action! Wahahahah!! A whole day of gaming with Melbs. ^__^

Hahahah. Rod arrived at about 11am and he brought with him his Xbox 360 console, as well as heaps of games he wanted for us to try out and play. Hahahah. Super enjoy!!! ^__^ Hahahah. We ate lunch first, and after that we started trying out the games he brought starting with Silent Hill. Hahahah!!

Silent Hill: Homecoming was fun to play! And it was my first time to play using xbox controllers, hahahah. Had to first get used to the controls, and luckily it was quite easy to understand naman, much like playstation ones. :) The letters are just different and there were more buttons too. :p Heheh! We were able to play the game for a while, but unfortunately, the CD gave up on us so we had to resched it nalang, wahahahahahahah. Excited much! ^__^

We also played Kungfu Panda, Star Wars, Mortal Combat vs. DC as well as our hobby, Left4Dead. Hahahah. It was my first time playing L4D using the Xbox version of the game, but it was still fun! Hahahah! As usual, Melbs saves me from the zombies, wahahahah! XD Too bad we weren't able to escape in the end though, even after 3 attempts. Practice pa. XD Hahahah!

After getting exhausted from playing, we watched and finished Nodame Cantabile. ^__^ Hahahah. Sweet ending, waaaaaaaa. Very nice. ^__^ Im gonna watch again so I can focus more on the dialogues. Hahahah. ^__^ Chiaki and Nodame. Aww. :)

Dinner time and we ate dinner together! Hahahahah! Kwentuhan ng madami, hahahah. Reminisce, hahahah. Funny moments, "huli" moments atbp. Hahahah. Too bad it was late already so Melbs had to go home. Heheheh. Would've wanted to listen more! ^^v Waaaa! Heheheh.

Hayun, gaming day with Melbs. Hahahah! Weee! Thanks Melbs for the fun fun day! ^__^ Miss!

bfec at amana

BFEC. ^__^

Went to Bulacan today with Edel, Jane and Jason (Edel's and Jane's aquiantance) to visit my bef Flor for the summer!!!! Super on the spot vacation galore, hahahahah. Got informed lunch time and we left late afternoon for an overnight stay at bef's house in Pandi, Bulacan. ^__^

Hahahah. Jane dropped by at our place 5pm, and we met with Edel and Jason at 7-Eleven. We tried to wait for a Baliuag-destined bus, unfortunately, we waited for about 15 minutes at Abad, and there was only one bus, and it was full. We then decided to go to Divisoria, straight to the bus terminal near Tutuban. Hahahahah. It was Holy Friday, and it didn't surprise me that there were so few people in Div. Wahahah. Walang tao masyado, parang ghost town, wahahahahah! Funny. ^_^ Anyhow, after asking for directions from the friendly and very accommodating manongs on the sidewalk, we found the deserted German *pronounced as 'herman'* bus terminal and proceeded to board the last bus to Bulacan.

Hahahah. Along the way, we had so much fun catching up with each other's lives. It was in the early years of high school when we last got together, I think. And it was really very nostalgic, talking about our old classmates, aquaintances and such. "Ano nang balita kay [insert name of elem classmate here]?", "May family na si _____??" Wahahah! The bus trip was so fun! Hahahah!! Although when it got dark already, we all settled down na rin. :p Hahahah!! We got off at the bus terminal at Bocaue and waited for bef to pick us up. :)

I was looking for her trademark motorbike, but got surprised because she picked us up by car. Wow. Her business was successful enough to buy her kahit a secondhand car na. Wow. :) Heheheh. She's still practicing her driving though, ahahahah. We ate at Jollibee for dinner and then drove back to their apartment. When we got there, she rented another door pala, hahahah. So she lives separately with her younger siblings. Haaay, napakaraming responsibilidad ni bef! Family, business and her own family. She also told us Randy would be arriving this May. Weee! :)

And then, the kwentuhan turned to an inuman con videoke night, wahahahahah!!! We sang like crazy while taking shots of brandy, kulit nila, andaya ko daw bakit daw ako line of 9 palagi, wahahah. Its probably because I sing loudly, but they won't believe me mehn. Hahahah! And they were teasing, and teasing, and teasing me coz I was texting Rod all the while, wahahah. Salbahe nila, bully ako! XD After that, we then went outside to buy footlong!! Ako unang nakaubos, antakaw ko daw! Wahahahahahahah!!! XDDDD


We slept late, or should I say early already and woke up at 6. Hahahah. After coffee and tinapay, we went to the Amana resort complex at Pandi. The weather was sooooooooo searing hot that day mehn, grabe. Waaaaaaaah!!!! And having been to two swimming outings already, my epidermis was not so happy about this, wahahahah! It was painful to be under the sun for a long time, waaaa. Even with sunblock. Huhuhuh. So most of the time, I was just at our cottage. Heheheh, texting Melbs. :p

Elem buddies. :)

The resort was still unfinished and because of that, there were only 2 pools available and the shower areas were filled with people almost always. Tsk. My clothes already dried and I just showered back at bef's place nalang, whew. Another kainis thing that happened that day was that I was supposed to get Henna tattoos, but unfortunately, I'l have and OT the next week, and a Henna on my hand would be too conspicuous. I didn't want to put it anywhere else though, what's the point of hiding it? XD

When we got back to bef's place that night, we just ate dinner and had to go right away since we were trying to catch the last bus home. We said goodbye to her and promised we'd be back soon, and then rode the jeepney back to the terminal. Unfortunately, we didn't catch the Divisoria bus so we had to ride the Cubao one. Hahahah. We got off at Kamachile, took a jeep, another jeep and I was home. Heheheh.

Really, really enjoyed the day!! Seeing my first barkada, my inaanak Alex. Mehn, BFEC again. Suddenly feeling sentimental and nostalgic, huhuhuhuh. My friends ever since elementary. Haaaaaay. Wanna spend more time with them soon. ^__^ Thanks Flor, Edel and Jane! (Si Jason na nga din. :p)

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